MAXxess Systems Access Control

MAXxess Systems has been a leader in traditional access control for decades. Our systems are installed worldwide and range from small two-door systems to large campuses with multi-buildings, or multi-sites managing hundreds of doors and thousands of badges.

MAXxess hardware and software provides businesses and government entities with the highest level of security management available today.



eAXxess is a powerfuly security management software package that provides multitasking support and flexibility. The open architecture enables you to build a security management system or to integrate with existing card readers and alarm monitoring devices. The features of eAXxess give you the power to customize your access control system to your specific needs--without requiring advanced technical expertise. This makes eAXxess ideal for a wide variety of applictions such as multi-tenant office buildings, hospitals, government facilities, manufacturing facilities, airprots and other security sensitive installations. MORE



Not just a security management system, but a security framework that can be adaapted to your needs (as opposed to you adapting to our product). An open architecture software platform that integrates anything and everything. MORE

eMAX Controllers


The MAXxess eMAX-MR50 is a low cost, high performance single card reader interface panel. This easy to install board is capable of providing all of the I/O needed for controlling a single door. The eMAX-MR50 has a compact footprint, is RS-485 connected and can be clustered or distributed to best suit the installation environment. Reader technologies that are supported include Wiegand, clock and data, magnetic stripe, keypads and biometrics. Integrated keypad readers are also supported. MORE


The MAXxess eMAX-MR51e is an ideal integration solution when a direct network connection to only one door (read in and read out) or two doors (read in and REX out) is required. The eMAX-MR51e is an IP-based, network ready interface panel that is low cost and high performing. The unit is easy to install and provides the I/O needed for controlling one or two doors with powre over Ethernet from complete door functionality. MORE


The MAXXESS eMAX-MR52 is a dual card reader interface panel with outboard flexibility to connect a Maxxess intelligent system controller to a system network. A low cost, high-performance device that is easy to install, the eMAX-MR52 provides all the I/O needed for controlling two doors with auxiliary point control and monitoring. Each unit will interface 2 card readers, 8 general purpose input monitor points and 6 control relays to a MAXXESS eMAX-EP series intelligent controller. MORE


MAXXESS Access Platform eMAX-EP1501 is the next generation intelligent controller within the eMAX-EP platform family. Feature-rich, the eMAX-EP1501 provides configurations with a high-performance, IP platform for controlling a single door onboard supporting an entry/exit card reader configuration. The eMAX-EP1501 controls a single portal with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability or with standard 12v DC. MORE


The MAXXESS system controller eMAX-EP1502 is a multi-port controller platform that provides a high-performance Ethernet ready, cost-effective dual card reader panel capable of controlling two doors. It is scalable to 64 doors. MORE


The MAXXESS system controller eMAX-EP2500 is an intelligent controller platform with built-in or “native” network support. The flexible, high-performance controller provides an Ethernet ready, fault-tolerant panel capable of efficiently managing a large network of access panels in any system design. MORE


The MAXXESS eMAX-MR16in is a multi-device interface panel providing the ability to monitor high concentrations of inputs together with a low requirement for output control. MORE


The eMAX–MR16out is a multi-device interface panel that provides the ability to control high concentrations of outputs. It provides 16 general purpose outputs as Form C relay contacts. MORE

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