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Door Gard Command & Control Series


Door Gard Command & Control Series keypads offer field proven reliability and cost effective solutions anywhere limited control or access is desired.  Elegant yet durable, Door Gard keypads blend with virtually any decor.  Designed for individual control of up to four devices, Door Gard Command & Control keypads are the perfect choice for controlling electric locking devices, security system, automatic operators or machinery.  Door Gard accepts power from any 12 - 24V AC/DC supply.  No separate programmer is ever necessary.  Microprocessor technology fully integrates:

  • 4 Independent Outputs
  • 4 Independent Timers
  • All Outputs Assignable by Code
  • On-Board 8 Amp Form C Relay
  • 120 Users
  • Remote Triggering Input
  • Front Programming


    Non-volatile EEPROM memory means your codes and instructions will be there whether you remove power for five minutes or five years.

Main Relay

    Rated at 8 amps, this Form C relay is tough enough to handle virtually any low voltage equipment or electronic locking device.

Remote Triggering Input

    Each Door Gard Command & Control keypad provides a normally open input loop for remote triggering.  Simple programming allows a momentary closure upon this loop to trigger any combination of outputs.  This feature is especially useful when controlling an electric locking device.

Audit Trail

An accurate real-time audit trail can be provided by any 212 series Door Gard keypad with the addition of a model 250 printer interface.  Up to 8 keypads can be monitored simultaneously.  The 250 comes with power supply, and printer cable and hooks easily to any parallel printer.


All programming is accomplished entirely from the front of the keypad.  LED/sounder guidance makes programming a snap, and changing codes a matter of seconds for an authorized user.

Auxiliary Outputs

These additional outputs make the Door Gard the most versatile command devices on the market.  Simple programming allows each output to be individually timed from 1 to 90 seconds or act as a toggle switch.  Outputs may be triggered individually or in combination by any user code.

Accessory Relay Board (not included)

A model 293 Relay Board may be added to any 212i, 212w, or 212m converting the three voltage outputs to 1 amp Form C relays.  the 293 plugs easily on the back of the keypad and provides terminal strip connections for easy wiring.

Part # Description Price
  IEI 2000E e Style Access Control Keypad $146.28
  IEI 2000EM e Style Metal Keys Keypad $204.33
  IEI 212I Indoor Keypad System, 16 Codes, with Relays & Timer $78.88
  IEI 212MP Multipad, Surface, Backlit, 120 Code $137.81
  IEI 212R Ruggedized Keypad System, Outdoor, 120 Codes $241.08
  IEI 212SE Sealed Environmental Keypad System $244.67
  IEI 212W Weather Resistant Keypad System $115.80
  IEI 232I 120 Code Keypad, with Relays and Timer $122.52
  IEI 232R 120 Code Outdoor Rugged Keypad $283.77
  IEI eMerge50 Browser Managed Access System $1,318.46
  IEI eMergeACM eMerge Module 2 Door/4 input/4 Output $553.39
  IEI eMergeEXN eMerge Expansion Node Can $1,072.76
  IEI eMergeVMS8E Additional Eight Camera License for eMerge440 $544.51
  IEI EZ-REX Easy Touch REX, Heavy Duty $104.00
  IEI HUBSWR Hub Manager Pro Software, Windows $162.38
  IEI 232-485 RS232-RS485 Interface for Max3 $62.52
  IEI MAX3 One Door Access Panel, Exp to 4 Dr., Sft. $707.02
  IEI MAX3MOD Single Door Expansion for MAX3 $314.19
  IEI MAX3MODEX Single Door Expansion Kit for MAX3 $380.17
  IEI MAX3SYS Single Door Access Kit, Exp. to 4 Doors $780.78
  IEI MINIMAX3 Single Door Access Panel $499.38
  IEI MINIMAX3SYS Single Door Access Kit $579.92
  IEI PIP12VDC 12VDC 1Amp Plug-In Power Supply $20.59
  IEI PIP24VDC 24VDC 1Amp Plug-In Power Supply $25.48
  IEI PROXCARD2 Cards for Proxpoint 2, 25 Pack $74.84
  IEI PROXKEY Proxkey Key Fobs, 25 Pack $140.08
  IEI PROXPAD Standalone Proximity Card Reader and Keypad $215.73
  IEI PROXPAD+ One Door Network Proximity Card Reader and Keypad $401.39
  IEI PROX.PAD+IR Small Proximity Access System $446.59
  IEI PROXPOINT Proxpoint Hub System Reader, Gray $118.22
  IEI SEG-1 Secured Series Ethernet Gateway $376.72
  IEI SEG-M Secured Ethernet Gateway Module $315.73
  IEI SSW-FX Open Technology Environment Keypad $259.61
  IEI USB-serial USB to RS232-RS485 for Max3 $95.38
  IEI XF1050 Mini Mullion Prox Reader 125kHz $111.16
Please note prices do not include shipping, handling and any applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.